I Twisted My Back in the Bathroom

Some people end up seeing a chiropractor because they were involved in a 20 car pileup on the interstate. Others see one because they fell while coming down a challenging ski hill. For me though, my journey with chiropractors in Concord CA began when I tripped over a trash can in my bathroom. The floor was wet, so I ended up sliding across the room, and I went down hard. I just laid there for several minutes because everything had happened so fast. I knew that I was hurt, but I also knew that I did not need to have an ambulance come and help me up either.

I slowly got up, and I made my way to bed. I knew that I just wanted to sleep because of the pain, but it was that pain that kept me up most of the night. I tried a heating pad, some pain pills, and I even tried to hypnotize myself, but nothing seemed to help for more than a few minutes. Since it was my back that felt like it was twisted inside like a pretzel, I decided to go to a chiropractor instead of to my regular doctor. I knew it would take at least a week to get in to see him anyway.

When I went to the chiropractor’s office later that day, I had to undergo some imaging testing. They needed to make sure that there were no significant injuries that would require more intense medical attention, which there was not. I was able to stay there for treatment, which included a nice long deep tissue massage along with an adjustment on my back. Both felt so good, and I was happy to hear that I had to come back at least twice more for the same treatment. I am a lot more careful in the bathroom now too!