My New Three Bedroom Condo

I am very much a confirmed bachelor. When I told my parents that I was buying a three bedroom condo at New Futura after looking at all of the details at they asked me if I had something I wanted to tell them. I know they were hoping to hear that I had found a nice woman to settle down with, but I am not sure that will ever happen. I am focused too much on work, and none of my previous girlfriends had been able to handle that. I had been holding off on getting a new place because of my bachelor status, but I decided to finally start living for myself.

I had looked at several condo developments close to where I work, but New Futura is the only one that really held my interest. I liked that it was a bit more remote than the others. This is not to say that it was all on its own, but it did not have a lot of busyness around it either. That is just one of many reasons I finally decided to invest in this particular condo though.

When I looked at the three bedroom condo, I knew instantly that it was the one that I wanted. One end of the condo consists of the master bedroom, the master bath, and a very large walk in closet. It is at the end of the hallway. Going towards the living quarters, there are two other bedrooms. The one closest to the master bedroom is perfect for a home office. The next one is great for an overnight guest since it has a full bathroom. The office also has a bathroom too. The rest of the condo is just as nice, but I really like the layout of the living quarters and made my decision based on that. My parents were disappointed in one way, but I know that they are happy for me in the ways that truly matter too.